Avoid Hassle, Solve Problems, and Sidestep Toxic Employees with the Perfect Set of HR Policies

Created by
Employment & HR Barrister Daniel Barnett

16 HR Policies - Perfect for the SME

Never again face the problem of employees saying they don't understand a policy, or managers not following them.

Most HR policies are far too long.  They've been assembled from a template designed to cover every situation, or have been added to again and again over the years until they're a mess.

I've selected the key sixteen policies that every business needs and re-imagined them, stripping them down to their bare bones to provide you with the protection and flexibility your business needs.

Daniel Barnett
Outer Temple Chambers

Is This You?

  • "Our policies are out of date, and I don't have time to update them"
  • "They're wordy and full of jargon - nobody reads them"
  • "I'm sick of being the 'HR Police' - I want simple policies that give us flexibility"
  • "We've got too many policies, and they don't link up properly"
  • "Our managers don't follow them - they just don't get the need"

Our Policies have been Stripped Down and
Reduced to their Bare Essentials

  • everyone can read and follow them - they're stripped down to the essentials, with no verbiage or restrictive procedures
  • you don't need to worry about whether they're up to date - they cover the law as it stands in 2017
  • you'll have flexibility where it's needed, and with clear guidelines where necessary
  • prepared by one of the best-known employment and HR barristers in the UK
  • they're simple, practical and readable

What Others Have To Say

  • Angela Rhodes, Crispin Rhodes
    Angela Rhodes, Crispin Rhodes - Daniel’s HR policies are invaluable, giving us a bank of robust, reliable and legally sound policies to give to our clients without having to research and create them ourselves.  They’re in simple English, easy to read and understand and so suitable for all employees.  I will certainly be purchasing the updates as and when they are available.

Beautiful, clean policies designed
for the modern HR department and business

Sixteen New HR Policies by
Employment Barrister Daniel Barnett

Here's What You Get...

#1 Holiday Policy

  • Holiday entitlement and taking holiday
  • Sickness during periods of holiday
  • Long-term absence and holiday
  • Arrangements on termination

#2 Whistleblowing Policy

  • Understanding whistleblowing
  • Raising a concern
  • Protection and confidentiality
  • External disclosures

#3 Drugs & Alcohol Policy

  • Consequences of drug or alcohol use/possession
  • Drinking at work events
  • Dealing with side-effects of prescription medication
  • Screening and searches

#4 Bribery Policy

  • Understanding bribery & corruption
  • What staff must not do
  • Kickbacks, gifts, hospitality and expenses
  • Record keeping and staff obligations

#5 Data Protection Policy

  • Explanation of the data protection principles
  • How the company deals with data
  • Instructions on how employees should handle data
  • Subject access requests

#6 Modern Slavery Policy

  • Explanation of modern slavery
  • What (not) to do if you are one of the company's suppliers
  • What (not) to do if you are one of the company's employees

#7 Social Media Policy

  • Rules for using social media
  • Business contacts
  • Problems on social media

#8 Grievance Policy

  • Informal grievances
  • Formal grievance procedure
  • Right to be accompanied

#9 Equal Opportunities Policy

  • Different types of discrimination
  • Duties and responsibilities for management and staff
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Breaches and enforcement

#10 Harassment & Bullying Policy

  • Understanding harassment & bullying
  • Dealing with the problem
  • Confidentiality
  • Protection

#11 Maternity & Family Friendly Policy

  • Maternity leave and pay
  • Shared parental leave
  • Paternity, adoption and ordinary parental leave

#12 Flexible Working Policy

  • How to request flexible working
  • Dealing with a flexible working request
  • Appeals and challenges

#13 Performance Improvement Policy

  • How to deal with things informally
  • How formal performance meetings are carried out
  • Performance improvement stages
  • Dismissals for poor performance

#14 Absence Management Policy

  • Reporting absence and evidence of incapacity
  • Fit for work service
  • Managing long term and persistent absence
  • Other types of absence

#15 Redundancy Policy

  • Avoiding redundancies
  • Making redundancies
  • Sample selection criteria

#16 Disciplinary Policy

  • Investigations
  • Dismissal and other sanctions
  • Examples

What Others Have To Say

  • Carol Hollett, Ten Alps Publishing
    Carol Hollett, Ten Alps Publishing - The policies are written by an experienced Employment Law Barrister with impeccable credentials. They're straightforward, pragmatic and not overly complicated; you can be sure you are getting the best, up to date policies straight from the horse’s mouth. I was confident with the policies that I was already working with, but these have provided both reinforcement that I am still on the right lines as well as some excellent additions that I implemented without delay.
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What Others Have To Say

  • Heather Chadburn, The Wireless Group
    Heather Chadburn, The Wireless Group - Having returned from the Middle East, Daniel's HR policies helped me understand UK employment laws and were clear and uncomplicated.  They gave me confidence that my advice to my employer/managers was compliant with current legislation.

What Others Have To Say

  • Tracey Murphy, BeHRSavvy
    Tracey Murphy, BeHRSavvy - I manage a HR consultancy that serves SMEs.  Purchasing Daniel’s policies gives me confidence and assurance which I then pass on to business owners.  The confidence comes from knowing that the policies are written by a leading employment lawyer, who has tried and tested commercial expertise in defending employment claims of all kinds, so he knows where the pitfalls are and how to counter them.  To me, that level of assurance is priceless.
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Get an instant link to the audio recording of Daniel's seminar explaining the most common mistakes HR Professionals and employers make which lands them in tribunal.

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BONUS 2: A half hour telephone consultation with Daniel

You'll get a 30 minute telephone consultation with Daniel Barnett, to help with your most pressing and difficult staffing and HR problems. You can use this at any time (subject to availability) within twelve months of buying the policies, subject to terms and conditions. We'll send you details of how to book your consultation as soon as you buy the policies.

Value of bonus 2: £300+VAT

One Year Money Back Guarantee

If you're not happy with the policies, we'll give you a refund - with no questions asked.  Just email us on instant-refund@emplawservices.co.uk and we'll pay you back every penny (unless you have used the bonus 30 minute telephone consultation with Daniel, in which case we will deduct the value - £300+VAT - from your refund).

Daniel Barnett

Lisa Fitzgerald Lisa Fitzgerald, Colt Technology Services

“Every question ever asked by an employee or manager has been covered in an easy to follow format."

Here's What You Get When You Order Today:

  • a download link so you can instantly download the policies
  • a beautiful bound set delivered in the post (allow 3-5 days)
  • ensure your organisation's policies are up to date and compliant
  • a licence to RE-SELL the policies, or give them away to your clients, if you're an independent HR professional
  • a 12 month guarantee - all your money back if you're not satisfied

Plus These Amazing Bonuses

  • Bonus 1 - instant link to Ten Top Tips seminar
  • Bonus 2 - a 30 minute telephone consultation with Daniel Barnett, for your most comples HR & employment law problems
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Some Frequently Asked Questions for You...

How Much Do The Policies Cost?

The policies cost £897+VAT.

I'd rather not Pay by Card. Can I Pay by Invoice?

Yes (although we might ask for payment before we send anything out to you).  Just email lucy.shepherd@emplawservices.co.uk and we’ll sort it out.

What Will I Get When I Order?

You’ll get:-

  • an immediate link to download all sixteen policies;
  • an immediate link to watch Daniel’s seminar Ten Top Tips to Lose an Employment Tribunal
  • a set of bound policies, delivered on high-quality paper and beautifully bound (3-5 days)
  • details of how to use your free 30 minute telephone consultation with Daniel (must be taken within 12 months)
  • a licence to re-sell or give away the policies
  • a twelve month guarantee of a full refund if you’re not happy with the policies (unless you’ve used the telephone consultation, in which case we’ll deduct £300+VAT from your refund)

What if I Want My Money Back?

Just ask us!  Email us on instant-refund@emplawservices.co.uk.  Sometimes we ask for the folder of hard copy policies back before we issue a refund, sometimes we don’t – it depends on our mood!  Either way, we’ll process your refund within 48 hours (of getting the policies back, if we asked you to return them).  The only exception is if you’ve used the half hour telephone consultation with Daniel, in which case we’ll deduct £300+VAT from your refund.

Are there any Limits to my Ability to Give Away or Re-Sell the Policies?

To be fair to all our customers, you cannot make them available for free download directly from your website or via social media (but you can promote their sale through your website or social media) for people with whom you have no existing relationship.  But you can make them available for free download to your existing clients or prospects.

Can I rebrand the policies for myself?

Yes.  We supply paper copies in a binder, and also supply you with the electronic files.  The cover sheets are provided in .jpg and .pdf format, and you can simply substitute your own.  The actual policies are supplied as Word documents, and you can change them in any way you want.

How can I be confident they are properly prepared and legally compliant?

The policies are prepared by Daniel Barnett, one of the UK’s leading employment law barristers.  He has written nine books on employment law and appears regularly on radio and TV.  The policies are the result of Daniel’s 25 years’ experience representing and advising many hundreds of companies in employment litigation.  Additionally, each policy has been carefully checked by his Advisory Panel, which is made up of ten HR professionals, all of whom had input into improving and perfecting them.

We have a collective agreement with a union. Can we use these policies?

It’s unlikely a union would agree to you adopting these policies.  They are designed to protect the employer, and do not include much of the detail that unions try to negotiate into policies.  So although you might find the policies useful for developing your own knowledge, they’re unlikely to be of much use in your job.

If I were entirely ignorant of all HR, would these 16 policies cover all of my HR needs and circumstances?

If you are a small or medium business, then these 16 policies will cover everything you need.

Large corporations and large public sector employers (such as local authorities and NHS Trusts) need more detailed policies.

All employers should give their employees a written contract (and if you don’t already do that, you probably need to do so).  The policies enhance your contracts but are not a substitute for one.

If you’re unsure whether these policies will suffice, you’ll be covered under our 12 month guarantee and can have your money back if you remain uncertain once you’ve seen them.

Can I buy just one policy, rather than all sixteen?

Sorry, no.  They are designed to work together, and several of them cross-reference to other related policies.  We only sell them as a complete set.

How will I know these policies fit my organisation?

We’ve got various options throughout the policies.  For example, in the disciplinary policy, we have two possible sections depending on whether you are willing to allow employees to record meetings.  These options are clearly marked and you select the one that you want.  The policies are supplied as a Word document so that making changes is easy.

My organisation has special needs - will this template set be useful for me?

There’s an easy way to find out; get hold of a set, and you then have twelve months under our guarantee to ask for your money back if they’re not useful.  The policies aren’t really suitable for companies that bargain collectively with unions, for public sector employers or for FTSE-100 type companies.  But they’re written with everyone else in mind.

I write my own policies - how will these help me?

If you want to keep your own policies, these act as a ‘sanity check’.

A lot of people tell us that they’ve gone back and revised large segments of their policies after seeing ours, and even more people have said they’ve realised they can cut entire sections out to make their policies simpler and more user-friendly.

What happens if there is a change in the law?

Our policies are carefully designed not to need regular updating.

But having said that, we do update them every 12 to 18 months, and offer updates to previous purchasers for a nominal price.  And if you receive Daniel Barnett’s employment law updates, you’ll be one of the first to find out about changes in the law.

Can I see a sample?

Yes.  You can download the Holiday Policy for free.

How are the policies different to the policies you produced in 2015?

We’ve updated them, and written five new ones (including a modern slavery policy).  We’re also supplying them in a beautiful, bound hard copy folder as well as electronically (last time we only supplied electronic files).  Finally, we’re offering two brand new bonuses – the Ten Top Tips seminar and the 30 minute telephone consultation with Daniel.

And you still get everything else from the earlier (2015) version of the polcies – including the one year guarantee and the licence to re-sell or give away the policies.

Unhappy with what you bought?

Just ask us for your money back at any time within 12 months of purchase – email instant-refund@emplawservices.co.uk and we’ll immediately refund you (we might ask you to send the folder back first).  The only exception is if you’ve used the 30 minute telephone consultation with Daniel, in which case we’ll deduct £300+VAT from the refund to pay for the consultation.

What Others Have To Say

  • Quentin Colborn, QC People
    Quentin Colborn, QC People - HR Consultants should buy these to use with your clients.  They give you peace of mind that what you are using is high quality and a tried and tested solution, and clients like the concept of them being written by a barrister.

What Others Have To Say

  • Gill Phillips, HR Consultant
    Gill Phillips, HR Consultant - In terms of ROI, my initial investment in the policies has been repaid five times over and, equally important, I have happy clients with a good product going forward. I was particularly attracted to the templates that Daniel provided because they were written in very accessible language, avoided legal jargon and were succinct and clear as this is what suits my clients best.
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All orders 100% SAFE using our SECURE server
If you prefer to pay by invoice, please email us.

What Others Have To Say

  • Jane Domhill, Professional Development & Coaching Ltd
    Jane Domhill, Professional Development & Coaching Ltd - As a busy independent HR Consultant working mainly with SME companies, it was a huge breath of fresh air when Daniel put together his HR policies.  Instead of hours of reviewing and editing existing documents, I have been able to provide my clients with these consistent, robust and above all user-friendly policies over and over again, in complete confidence.  No more toiling over every policy word for me!  Thank you Daniel.


  1.  By purchasing these policies, you are entering into a contract with Employment Law Services Limited (a company owned by Daniel Barnett).
  2. Disclaimer: The policies do not contain or amount to legal advice.  They are non-bespoke template documents and have been created and prepared as generic documents, not with your organisation's requirements in mind.  If you require legal advice, please contact Daniel Barnett for details of his professional and consultancy rates.
  3. Purchase of the policies includes a licence to resell them, or to give them away as promotional offers to existing clients or prospects.  You are not permitted to promote any free giveaway of the policies on social media or your website, although you may promote the sale of the policies on social media or your website.
  4. We will send you details of how to claim your 30 minute telephone consultation with Daniel when you buy the policies.  It is valid for 12 months after purchase, and subject to (a) arranging a mutually convenient date/time and (b) you signing a public access engagement letter on the terms recommended by the Bar Standards Board.
  5. You are entitled to a full refund at any time for one year after purchase, although we may ask you to send back the folder containing the hard copy policies before we issue the refund.  If you have made use of the 30 minute telephone consultation with Daniel, we will deduct £300+VAT from your refund.
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